Baxter VIP Lounge

by Baxter

30th June 2020

In the heart of Milan, a few minutes walk from the Duomo lies a secret VIPLounge where technology meets iconic design. Deep inside the historic underground Baxter Cinema we find a special lounge dedicated to technology.

Baxter, an iconic luxurious Italian interior design brands, and design partner Salvioni hold exclusive events all year at their showroom called Baxter Cinema. Genesis HTA was invited to partner up and create a unique private space. A fusion of the finest technology and design where interior designers and their customers can experience beauty while having their design meetings…

A Steinway Lyngdorf sound system (piano black with gold trim) was integrated in a living room design by Baxter and Salvioni. The result is as beautiful as it is exclusive. We were proud to hold our 2019 partner event at this unique venue.

The story of Baxter is a 100% Italian story beaming into an International panorama, one that starts from the reinterpretation of the English taste and evolves, through the art of leather working and shaping, into the production of unique collections.

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