Consexto VIPLounge

by Consexto, Lda.

30th June 2020

Located in the port of Cascais, near Lisbon, we can find one of the most amazing and unique showrooms mixing technology and design. Times flies by when Consexto takes you on a tour inside...

In the VIPLounge by Consexto the highest performance of sound, video and home control solutions blend in seamlessly with stunning interior design.

Have a look and decide for yourself.

Consexto is fully dedicated to high-end residential solutions at the intersection of architecture, technology and design. In 2019 they went above and beyond what was available in the market and created a showroom that would WOW even their most travelled and experienced customers.

Consexto is an international company based in Portugal. They offer services that combine technology, architecture and design. Customers trust Consexto to transform their homes because of the unique cocktail of expertise, imagination and passion for excellence.

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