A visionary home technology experience centre

by CPD Sound & Vision

01st November 2022

Over the years Chris Davies has built CPD Sound and Vision into a business that has become a reference in the Algarve when it comes to home technology. International customers rely on Chris and the CPD Sound and Vision team for everything from a “TV with Skybox”, over to smart lighting, whole house audio and full on private cinema.

The next milestone and chapter in the CPD Sound and Vision story is the reference experience centre they have built. A space that has been carefully designed and executed with minute detail in order to give home owners, but also architects, interior designers and builders a taste of what can be. To truly experience what homes of tomorrow could and should be like.

Before diving into some of the stunning spaces in the experience centre there are some elements we want to highlight. Elements that could be interesting for others to learn from  thanks to Chris´ hard work and sizeable investment.

Over the past 20 years CPD have built an enviable reputation as a home technology provider throughout Portugal..

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