VIP lounge, Curno (Italy)

by Domopera SRL

12th February 2021

Located in Curno, in the Provence of Bergamo (Italy)  lies the superb ArcaHouse VIP Lounge. An iconic building recently renovated by Arcahouse Home Living Solutions.

Genesis Home Technology Architects partners Arcahouse together with the team of Domopera were able to create a beautiful space built to the highest quality.

Upon entering the VIP Lounge, visitors instantly experience the subtle concept of well-being. The atmosphere is immediately calming and presents a unique opportunity to 'feel' how home technology can seamlessly integrate and almost seem invisible from the multi-room audio throughout, lounge bar with outdoor terrace through to the home cinema.

A truly unique and WOW inspiration! Take a look for yourself...

Revolutionising the way of understanding construction.

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