The World's Biggest Soundbar

by Genesis Home Technology Architects

01st July 2020

Early 2020 some of our partners rolled up asking for a discoteque solution for premium homes…Genesis HTA-style…
So we got to work at Genesis HTA Head Quarters in Marbella and came up with the World´s Biggest Soundbar…

At Genesis HTA when we get asked for innovative solutions we go beyond concepts. We have a proper design process and then build it for real.
For this project we threw the following ingredients in the mix: Apple´s Genius Bar, Artcoustics DJ-heritage, our own engineering and design capability.

The result: The World´s Biggest SoundBar.

(5,80m wide, 920Kg, dual Artcoustic PS6 subwoofers, mixing table, fridge, power, network, usb sockets and bi-color wooden finish to colour match the custom pool table that goes with it).

We are passionate about making the complex simple.
We work with the best Installers of Technology, Architects and Premium Home Builders.
Together we make WOW the standard in homes of today and tomorrow.

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