ICE Cinema™ Madeira

by Consexto, Lda.

21st August 2020

On the small island of Madeira, in a stunning villa, Consexto delivered a cinema that marries performance with design.

A perfect example of how clients fall in love when exposed to the right type of private cinema demonstration.

The house was already finished but when the family had their first private cinema experience at the Consexto showroom… they decided that is what they wanted one in the privacy of their home.

Consexto got to work and designed a stunning cinema with motorized seating platform, around a well-engineered audio and video system. The result is jaw-dropping performance in a beautiful space.

Consexto is an international company based in Portugal. They offer services that combine technology, architecture and design. Customers trust Consexto to transform their homes because of the unique cocktail of expertise, imagination and passion for excellence.

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