ICE Cinema

by Genesis Home Technology Architects

30th June 2020

In Lisbon, 5 minutes from the airport and near the Tagus lies our Genesis HTA VIPLounge where technology meets design. Behind an invisible door we show our partners our interpretation of private cinema.

Back in 2015 nobody believed there was a market for high performance private cinema in Portugal. Stubborn and ambitious as we are, we decided to either find or create that market… And that was the start of designing and building our vision of residential cinema, what is now called ICE Cinema (Immersive Cinema Experience)

We have come a long way since then and proud to say that private cinema is now a growing trend in Portugal.

We are passionate about making the complex simple. 
We work with the best Installers of Technology, Architects and Premium Home Builders. 
Together we make WOW the standard in homes of today and tomorrow.