ICE Cinema™ for family time

by Audio Feeling International

23rd April 2021

"What should we do with the basement?". A question that the team at Audio Feeling International get a lot. In this particular case, the owners of a luxury house wanted something the entire family could enjoy. It was clear that the perfect solution would be to turn part of the basement into a cool ICE Cinema™ - a place to bring the family together. With the other section of  the basement dedicated to a wine cellar, a perfect solution was agreed.

The key to setting the right tone and atmosphere in the cinema room was very important for the client. They wanted a space that was comfortable and functional to their needs. The team at Audio Feeling struck the perfect balance giving the client full control of mood lighting whilst offering a fully immersive cinema experience with Dolby Atmos and Artcoustic audio, coupled with the amazing visual experience with DT Screens. The end result is a stunning space for the family to spend quality time together and really experience a true home cinema... ICE Cinema™

The culmination of the passion, Audio Feeling International has always followed the evolution of technology. Today the team offer expert solutions in home automation and home cinema with a passion for technology and design.

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